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LINDUS established in Parma in 1976, is a renowned producer of drycleaning machines. The skill and entrepreneurship of its founders allowed an immediate success in very demanding markets the world over, particularly in USA, Japan and Canada.

At the end of the 70ies, the company moved to Bologna, in larger premises, capable of addressing the needs of a growing market and a larger range of products.


On  Septemeber,10 - 2010 LINDUS move in Parma, due to the acquisition from Bergparma s.r.l.


LINDUS production has always been known as a synonym for quality, reliability and innovation. Its range of machines complies with the strictest technological standards.
Focal points of its production are respect for the environment, reduced consumption, reduced maintenance, flexibility of application and an original look.


Advanced management techniques enable Bergparma s.r.l. to provide technical assistance and spare parts even for machines that were phased out of production several years ago.


LINDUS, models, today entered in BERGPARMA company , not only represents a milestone in the Italian history entrepreneurship, but also a brand renowned the world over for quality, efficiency and reliability.


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